To Be A Vendor

All you need to do is just show up. ​Just that simple!

  • It is a first come first serve basis
  • You get roughly a 24 foot by 24 foot area
  • you can park where you sell
  • The owner Toby A.K.A. "the rent collector" will come around in the morning to collect the vendor fee
  • Some vendors will show up as early as 4am or even sat night. But most will show up around 6 or 7am
  • There are always spots available no matter what time you show up.

  • Within reason, As long as what you have to sell is not illegal or stolen, you can sell anything you like!
  • Our concession stand offers all sorts of cold drinks, coffee, foods and snacks
  • We are a pet friendly place, We just ask that your pets are friendly to other people and their pets as well.
  • Hope this help! If you have any other questions feel free to 
    ​call Toby Nickerson at 603-746-400